Other Projects

Canal Panda. Trade show stand design.

Mo-Poster. Weekly poster with highlights of the main nightlife events in London.

Latin Splash projections. Projection slides for the pre-parties held at several clubs before the main festival.

Spitz. Monthly listings for the concert venue in Spitalfields Market, Shoreditch, London.

Rude. T-shirt designs for the Rude brand.

Mo-map. City guide map of interesting new venues to visit. Several maps encompassing all areas of London and Manchester

Infernos. Promotional flyers for the 70's disco-inspired nightclub

Mono. Club night promotional flyer.

Zorro Generation Z packaging. Design for the packaging for the multinational toy line.

Fridge. Promotional flyers for the London nightclub.

Boarding Card. Music CD inlay design. 

Gridlock. Promotional posters for club night. Milwall. community events at the London football club.